What is the Best Georgia Lottery Game to Play Online?


The Georgia Lottery is one of the largest legal lottery operations in the US. Established in 1992, this legal lottery operation brings in billions in annual revenue – half going toward prizes while half supporting education initiatives like HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K programs. Furthermore, Georgia offers its residents and visitors a range of lottery games.

The Lottery website and official app offer players an easy way to purchase Powerball tickets, Georgia Five tickets, instant-win Scratchers and winning numbers online. Users simply create a username/password combination with some security questions before completing their purchases online. Furthermore, players can view winning numbers and locate nearby retailers before placing orders – as well as utilize its “Play Responsibly” section which offers resources as well as assistance and support services for problem gamblers.

Powerball is a multi-state lottery game offering players the chance at big cash prizes with jackpots exceeding $40 million. Available across 44 states and the District of Columbia as well as US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, players have access to additional prize options with Power Play available for an additional $1 per ticket purchase. When selecting lottery numbers try selecting both odd and even numbers as these occur less than three percent of the time when drawn out of a machine randomized machine shuffle.

Keno is another popular US lottery game, drawing 10 numbers every 3.5 minutes and offering payouts that range from $5 (match 4 numbers) to $100,000 (match 10 numbers). Keno can be made more interesting through prize multiplier and bulls-eye options; prize multiplier costs an extra $1 per play while bulls-eye increases odds by as much as tenfold.

This online lottery also sells tickets for the multi-state game Mega Millions, available in 43 states and DC. As well as its standard prize options, Mega Millions also features second chance options with up to $250,000 prizes per ticket! Developed by Scientific Games over thirty years ago.

Georgia Lottery website and mobile app offer players the ability to redeem non-winning scratch-off tickets for second chance prizes and enter special giveaways, like recently in a promotion where customers could scan non-winning tickets through mobile app to enter giveaways offering daily cash prizes from $25 up to $25,000.

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